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Eureka Solutions has been serving businesses and individuals for over nine years in both static and dynamic website design, custom web based solutions development and marketing campaigns. Our approach to any type of development is based on the understanding that customers need relevant content in a way that is engaging and inspires action. We follow a lean approach to designing and building new digital products: websites or mobile applications.

Our Work Process.


The first step for any development is understanding the requirements. We listen to our clients' goals, discuss with them about their objectives for having something developed, and together shape a business plan to create compelling design and product/service for their target audience.


After the discussion stage, we move ahead with outlining the project, creating milestones, and agreeing on priorities. Now, as we have a strategic plan in place we initiate the design process which goes through reviews and revisions till it aligns with the clients' goals.


Having finalized on the ideas and having the design approved, we now begin the actual development process. Our development team follows an agile methodology to code quickly and efficiently. We also engage rigorous testing and QA process to ensure top quality of the project development.


A great idea is nothing without great delivery; we always work hard to ensure the project is delivered on time and within budget. Be it the handover of a project or a walk-though, we take the time to make sure we have met all the goals and objectives we set down in the discussion stage of the process.


At Eureka Solutions, we don't offer any services. Yeah, we don't. We provide solutions, and we involve ourselves with the client to deliver their dream, their passion, their need. We choose the word solution over service as it sounds more result oriented. Its something we love to do, something we look forward to work upon. Listed below are some of the areas in which we love to work and provide solutions.


It is said that first impression is the last impression. And it is very much relevant in today's fast moving world where people don't have time to wait. We ensure that the sites designed by us catch the user's attention and try to optimize it to the maximum levels to ensure faster loading even on slower 2G data connections.


A good product is not just enough to create great business. A good product needs to be complimented by uniquely positioned, hig performance branding to stand out from the crowd. We offer branding strategies and solutions which blend with your product/ service not just strategically but also rationally and emotionally.

Web Development

Flight bookings, travel planning, partner search, it is all done through the web. We provide customised solutions for all your web development requirements, may it be e-Commerce sites, employee / partner engagement programs, event management portals, etc. We provide development solutions in ASP.NET, SharePoint, Adobe Flex, WordPress, Joomla and Google Dart to name a few.


Your website may have the most attractive design, it may have a very rich content, but yet the user interaction may be low. Reason? The website may have a poor UI or UX. Users need simplicity along with great content. They need to easily get what they are looking for in the website without multiple clicks or lengthy scrolls. We help you improve the User Interface of your website, which in turn will enrich the User Experience.

Data Mining

Imagine a world when there were just alphabets from A to Z and no words. Would the aplhabets hold any value without being formed into words which can help in communication? Exactly identical is the situation of many organizations with the data they hold. Unless that data is used to improve their BI applications and increase ROI, it holds no value. We provide solutions to convert raw data into meaningful and valuable information which can help predict user behavior and help enhancing the business prospects and predict the future growth plan.

Digital All

We provide digital solutions for your needs like Social Media Marketing, Search Marketing, Digital Content Refresh and content management, Mobile sites and Mobile Apps, Google AdWords, SEO, RFID wristbands for events, onsite registration management, Live Video Streaming (only from India). Cannot find a solution to your specific requirement? Write to us, and we'll figure out if we can help you with that.


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Listed below are a few projects on which we have worked recently. The list is not extensive, but just displays highlights of our work across various platforms.

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